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Experience, innovation and proximity to the patient come together to offer the best guarantee in oral health at Kranion Dental Clinic in Alicante.

Reference clinic

More than 30 professionals are at your disposal to obtain the best results.

We are a reference clinic in the following specialties:

Sleep Apnea: Treatment with Mandibular Advancement Devices

Sleep disorders: bruxism, snoring and sleep apnea.

Odontología estética

Aesthetic Dentistry Dental Prosthetics

Treatment that aims to achieve a perfect smile.

Dental Implants in Alicante

Tooth root replacement with dental implants .


Corrects dental malpositions and their treatment.

About us

More than 30 professionals are at your disposal to obtain the best results.

Medical equipment

We will be happy to assist you whenever you need it.


A family based on great principles and professional values.


We have more than 30 years of experience in the dental sector.

Medical & Dental

In Kranion Clinic we have been working for more than 30 years with the same objective, to offer health, beauty and wellness to our clients.

We are a reference clinic in the following specialties:

TMJ – Bruxism – Orofacial Pain

Dysfunction of the masticatory apparatus and the craniocervical region.


Periodontist in Alicante: Periodontics Treatment

It studies the conditions that occur in the periodontium.

Sports dentistry

Treatment of oral diseases associated with sports

Craniomandibular TMJ Physiotherapy

Treatment of injuries, especially traumatic injuries, by physical means.

Odontología estética

General Dentistry

Tooth root replacement with a dental implant.

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Where we are

Alicante City Center, 100 m from the Alicante Railway Station.

Médico Odontológicas

En Clínica Kranion llevamos más de 30 años trabajando con un mismo objetivo, ofrecer salud, belleza y bienestar a nuestros clientes.

Somos clínica de referencia en las siguientes especialidades:

Endodontic treatment in Alicante

Root canal treatment of a single tooth

Pediatric Dentistry in Alicante

Preventive and therapeutic oral care of children and adolescents

Oral and maxillofacial surgery in Alicante, Spain

Oral and dental surgical diagnosis and treatment


We add experience, technology and a human team at the forefront.

At Clínica Kranion we know how important new technologies are, so innovation is our priority.

Finance your treatments

May everything make you smile

Clínica Kranion offers payment formulas adjusted to the particular needs of each patient in order to facilitate and promote oral health care.

COVID-19 Protocol

We take care of you, we listen to you and we adapt to offer you the solutions and peace of mind you need.

Due to the health crisis Kranion Clinic has taken a series of protective measures against COVID-19.


Several patients have passed through Clínica Kranion and some of them wanted to dedicate a few words to us.

Unbeatable treatment and treatment. It is the best clinic in Alicante. They have the best advances. My case was complicated and they have been very meticulous and professional. I would like to thank Doctors Ots, Pedernal and his assistant Loli, because they have left me with a perfect smile.
Carol Ruiz
I was pleasantly surprised to discover the clinic. A 10 from the receptionists to Dr. Torres and the nurses. Great involvement and treatment, we will see each other again and with pleasure. Great group of people.
Gregorio Campos Fuentes
Excellent service. Kindness and professionalism of the clinic staff. Also a big thank you to Dr. Pedernal and his team for a very good job. I am very happy with the results. 100% recommendable.
Marieta Deriy
I would like to share that I am very happy with the orthodontic treatment I received at this clinic. Highly qualified staff, exquisite treatment with attention to detail and a final result that has exceeded my expectations. For the future I will consider this clinic as my first and only option for whatever I may need. Best regards to Dr. Alvaro Torres and his team and thank you very much for everything.
David Egea
It is the best dental clinic in Alicante I have no doubt, quality and service. Implants 👌the price is high but according to the treatment they give you. So 110% !
María Belén
I am very happy with their overall way of solving my problem of pain in my face from clenching my teeth, starting with Dr. Torres, a specialist in this treatment, but then continuing with the Orthodontics department, which has already solved my problem for years and there is still a little to go. Very satisfactory experience on a medical level and for the great attention of the staff.

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Tooth whitening

One of the most popular treatments in the practice

We are active members of several scientific societies