Patient rights

Patient rightsThe patient has the sole rights to the information given. In cases where the patient is unable to process the information, relatives will be notified.

The patient has the right:

To obtain clear and accurate information regarding the nature of their illness, the effects of it, and the risks and benefits of the diagnostic and treatment procedures recommended. This information enables them to make a conscious and free decision.

To be subjected to diagnostic and treatment procedures of proven effectiveness, in-line with current ‘lex artis’.

To be thoroughly informed prior to surgery or other invasive treatments, that can pose significant risk to their health.

To be given a courteous and friendly treatment, respecting their dignity.

To receive professional secrecy, assuring the confidentiality of their medical history.

To issue a letter of advance directives, in order to decide, arrange and / or freely express instructions to follow on medical procedures in the event that circumstances do not allow them to express their free will.

To receive a personal discharge report with a summary of the patient’s medical history, assistance given / received, diagnosis and treatment procedures.

In order to safeguard the rights of our patients, Clinica Kranion meets current data protection legislation, through the implementation of technical and organizational security measures that guarantee the safety of personal data on medical records, with the aim of providing confidentiality (limiting access to information by unauthorized persons), integrity (maintenance of reliable information and quality), and availability (ensuring access to the information systems at the request of an authorised user) of that information.

In addition, Clinica Kranion makes a commitment not to use the data for a different purpose, other than for which it was collected, or to pass it on illegally to third parties.

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