Treatment guarantees

When the patient is committed to maintaining good oral hygiene, avoiding the consumption of tobacco, and attends the dental follow-up reviews as indicated by our dentists, the success rate of implants and dentures can be very high, with very predictable results.

It is important to recognise that implants and dentures are NOT FOR LIFE, just like any other medical / surgical prosthesis, that are used in our bodies for special medical reasons.

Clínica Kranion is firmly committed to offering a quality service, guaranteeing the following policies:

In cases of premature loss of an implant, up to two years after a procedure, Clinica Kranion will replace the implant at no additional cost to the patient, except for the costs that may arise from surgical intervention.

The dental prosthesis placed over implants or natural teeth have a full two year warranty (replacement parts and necessary medical procedures), not including those repairs resulting from normal wear of the prosthesis.

Because the consumption of tobacco and inadequate oral hygiene can have a very negative effect on the durability of the prosthetic implant treatments, Clinica Kranion offers medical and radiological check-ups, and oral hygiene sessions free for the first 12 months after placement of the dental prosthesis in order to encourage the collaboration of our patients.

Clínica Kranion cannot fulfil its guarantee policies set forth above, if the patient does not attend regular check-ups established during the two year warranty or has inadequate oral hygiene.

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