Tooth whitening in Alicante

One of the most popular treatments in the practice

What does tooth whitening consist of?

Tooth whitening is a simple, minimally invasive and inexpensive technique to lighten your teeth for a younger, brighter smile.

The teeth whitening that we perform at Kranion Clinic Alicante is by applying a hydrogen peroxide gel specially formulated to remove stains or discolouration from natural teeth. The activation of this dental gel in the clinic with a LED light lamp (cold light) provides greater effectiveness of the product with fewer side effects, typical of other techniques and teeth whitening treatments, such as tooth sensitivity.

What can I expect from tooth whitening?

With our dental treatment we will manage to modify the colour of your teeth while respecting the tissues (enamel and dentine) and thus obtain whiter and healthier looking teeth.

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Limitations of bleaching

  • It does not change the shape of the teeth.
  • It does not affect previous restorations of the tooth, so if you have crowns or fillings, these will have to be replaced at the end of the treatment.
  • It is not recommended for patients with periodontal disease. The mouth must be healthy before whitening, free of caries and gum inflammation.
  • Treatment is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

What if my teeth are stained by tetracyclines?

This is a discolouration of the dentine tissue that occurs during the maturation of the tooth tissues. It usually appears in greyish-yellowish bands of varying intensity. External tooth whitening lightens the tooth and makes it brighter, but in very intense staining the horizontal bands often persist.

Depending on the degree of staining of your teeth, external tooth whitening may not be enough to meet your expectations. In this case, in addition to whitening, we can resort to other treatments and techniques such as composite or porcelain veneers that cover the surface of the tooth.

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I only have one dark tooth, what do I do?

It is often caused by trauma, old endodontics, caries, old amalgam fillings or fillings that have leaked due to caries. The first thing we will do is treat the pathology of the tooth. Afterwards, an internal whitening will be carried out in the clinic to achieve a shade as similar as possible to the adjacent tooth.

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