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More than 30 years
of experience

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Kranion Clinic is made up of a large group of professionals who provide solutions to any oral and dental problem you may have. That is why Kranion is the dental centre of reference, not only for its patients, but also for the professionals who do not hesitate to refer the most complex cases of any speciality to us.

Clinica Kranion opened its doors in March 2005 after the merger of two renowned dental clinics with a long history in the field of dentistry: Clínica Dr. Torres, where Dr. J. M. Torres worked in the field of prosthodontics and craniomandibular dysfunction, and Clínica Sociedad Maxilofacial de Levante, where Dr. R. Ots worked mainly in the field of implantology and maxillofacial surgery.

More than 30 years of experience

More than thirty years of experience back us up to achieve our goal, to give our patients back their smile.

But if there is one thing that sets Kranion Clinic apart from other clinics, it is that it is a family project and this, recognised by all our patients, gives them the confidence to place their trust in our team and in the different dental and odontological treatments we carry out.

Clínica Kranion has a large area dedicated to dental treatment, open and bright spaces, the best sterilisation and cleaning systems, as well as a professional team of more than thirty highly qualified people.

Cutting-edge technology
for our dental treatments

Kranion is constantly updating, acquiring the most avant-garde technologies to carry out the different treatments of dental aesthetics, orthodontics and dentistry in Alicante, such as 3D image diagnosis and the Cerec system that allows the creation of crowns on teeth or implants, veneers, in-lays, onlays, etc. in a single session.If you need more information about any of our dental treatments, please contact us.

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