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Dental treatments cannot be considered lifelong treatments as the materials used suffer wear and tear due to use and the passage of time. When the patient makes a commitment to good oral hygiene, avoids bad habits such as smoking or alcohol and attends the regular dental check-ups and maintenance indicated by our specialists, the success rate of implants and dental prostheses is very high and maintained over time. The average international success rates for implant treatments are 90-92% in the mandible and 94-96% in the maxilla. At Clínica Kranion, due to the use of the highest quality materials and the brand of implants used and the high qualification and experience of our specialists, we have a success rate of around 98%.

In implantology, it is considered that the integration of the implant in the bone is a statistically predictable fact, although it is neither constant nor guaranteed, as the reaction of the bone to implantation is not the same for all individuals of the same species, just as the quality of the bone in terms of density and trabeculation is different in each person. Therefore, treatment with osseointegrated implants, like any other modality in medicine, involves a contract of means but not of results. Today there are still no scientific studies that tell us that an implant or an implant-supported prosthesis is “for life”, like any other medical-surgical prosthesis used by the different medical specialities.

The relationship between smoking and implant loss due to the chronic systemic effects of nicotine and other toxic gaseous products of tobacco combustion, such as acrolein and cyanide (Jones, J.K., Journal Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 50: 237-239, 1992), which decrease blood perfusion and oxygen supply to the tissues, has been well demonstrated. If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day or drink alcohol on a regular basis, you are substantially increasing the risk of losing the implants that are inserted, so we strongly recommend the elimination or reduction of these habits, which are harmful to health in general, and to implants in particular.

Clínica Kranion declines any responsibility for the results of treatments carried out on patients who do not comply with the instructions provided, fail to attend scheduled check-ups, or are unable to maintain proper hygiene.

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