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Intravenous sedation

Kranion Clinic is a pioneer in the province of Alicante in the use of endovenous conscious sedation for dental treatment. For more than 10 years we have been working with an excellent team of anaesthetists for the comfort of our patients.

This type of sedation consists of causing a slight decrease in the patient’s level of consciousness but without affecting their ability to breathe normally or their airway protective reflexes. In this way, the patient is fully able to respond appropriately to whatever the doctors tell him or her. 

Pioneers in endovenous conscious sedation in Alicante

Kranion Clinic is a centre where there is no pain in the dental treatments performed on our patients. 

Many people suffer from stress and nerves when undergoing any dental or medical treatment in general (whether dental implants, root canals, maxillofacial surgery, etc). To prevent them from having a bad time, this type of conscious sedation is applied to reduce the level of anxiety and fear during the procedure.

In this way, the patient is conscious but does not suffer from nerves or anxiety about the treatments they will receive, or even about the anaesthesia they will need. 

Sedation to increase the patient’s well-being in treatment 

The patient can undergo any treatment under the control and supervision of our anaesthetists, eliminating the nerves, anxiety or even the discomfort that can be caused by the needles of local anaesthesia.

The procedure for intravenous conscious sedation is very simple. A vein in the hand is cannulated and connected to an IV that administers the medication.

This type of sedation is not essential for the different dental treatments, but it is the one that offers the best results for every patient who suffers from nerves, fear and anxiety every time they go to the dentist.

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