Mucogingival Surgery


Gingivectomy or mucogingival surgery consists of a series of surgical techniques that are performed with the aim of correcting the quality of the white tissues around the teeth and implants. 

Gum deficiency

One of the problems that can affect the gums is gum recession, which is when part of the root of the teeth is exposed. This can occur as a result of traumatic brushing, occlusal trauma or tooth clenching, or as a consequence of orthodontic treatment.

Whether for aesthetic reasons, due to tooth sensitivity or at the dentist’s request, these recessions can be covered by means of gum tissue grafting techniques. 

Sometimes, one of the causes of gum recession is a frenulum with an insertion close to the gingival margin that causes the gum to recede. In these cases, the frenulum is removed by frenectomy, either by laser or conventional surgery.

In these cases, the aim of mucogingival surgery is to improve dental aesthetics.

Gum overgrowth

Another problem that can occur in the gum is when there is an excess of gum around the teeth or implants, creating the appearance of small teeth or teeth of different sizes, considerably altering dental aesthetics. In these cases and by means of a gingivactomy, we achieve harmonious and even gingival edges, improving the aesthetics of teeth and gums.

In Kranion Clinic Alicante we are specialists in mucogingival dental surgery.

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