Unloading splint

The bite splint is a hard resin device that is placed between the teeth of both jaws to prevent them from touching unconsciously, especially at night (and avoid problems such as bruxism).

The dental discharge splint must be made of a hard resin (sometimes with metal reinforcements) and can be placed in the upper or lower jaw at the discretion of the specialist. It is important that each dental discharge splint is well adjusted so that, when in contact with the teeth, the contact is uniform, as otherwise it could aggravate the problem in the jaw. It is advisable for the splint to be checked annually and adjusted if necessary, but always at the discretion of the specialist.

The main function of the splint that is placed over the patient’s teeth at night is to relax the muscles, preventing them from becoming tense, which is why they clench and grind their teeth (this is known as bruxism).

In this way, the splint allows the jaw bones to be placed in the correct position, preventing the jaw bones from exerting more force than they should.

The continued use of the dental splint therefore helps to prevent tooth wear and reduces jaw pain, headaches, ear and neck pain.

Other types of splints

In addition to the unloading splints indicated for treating bruxism, there are other types of splints such as the repositioning splint, which are indicated for those patients who have suffered a luxation of the mandibular disc (the mandibular disc is not in its position), which can cause pain, manipulation limitations or noises when opening and closing the mouth. With this splint, the patient’s disc can be repositioned in an optimal position, in many cases avoiding surgical intervention on the mandible.

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