Teeth whitening

Teeth whiteningWhat is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive, and economic procedure to whiten your teeth in order to give you a youthful and bright smile. This is achieved by applying a hydrogen peroxide gel specially formulated to remove stains or natural teeth discolorations. The activation of this gel in the clinic with a LED lamp (cold light) provides higher effectiveness of the product with fewer side effects typical of other whitening techniques, such as tooth sensitivity.

What can I expect from teeth whitening?

We are able to change the colour of your teeth respecting the tissues (enamel and dentin) and thus obtain healthier, whiter looking teeth.

Limitations of whitening

  • Does not change the shape of the teeth.
  • Does not affect previous restorations of the tooth, so if you have crowns or fillings, they will have to be replaced at the end of the treatment.
  • Not recommended for patients who have periodontal disease. The mouth has to be healthy before starting, free of cavities and swollen gums.
  • Treatment is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

What if my teeth are stained by tetracycline?

This is a discoloration of the dentin tissue that occurs during maturation of the tissues of the tooth. It normally appears in greyish-yellow bands of varying intensity. The external bleaching whitens the tooth and makes it brighter, but with stubborn stains very often the horizontal bands remain.

Depending on the degree of staining, it is possible that the external bleaching of the tooth is not sufficient to meet our expectations. In such cases, we can use composite or porcelain veneers that cover the tooth surface.

I only have one dark tooth, What do I do?

This is frequently caused by a trauma, old endodontic, decay, old amalgam fillings, or filtered by decay. The first thing we do is to treat the disease suffered by the tooth. Afterwards, teeth whitening is performed in the clinic, matching the tone of the tooth as close as possible in colour to the adjacent teeth.

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