Aesthetic Dentistry Dental Prosthetics

Treatment that aims to achieve a perfect smile.

What is it?

Aesthetic dentistry, or dental esthetics, is really a matter of philosophy and dedication. Any treatment, in any area of the mouth, can be esthetic in the sense of taking care of every detail. We usually refer to esthetic treatments when we talk about the most visible area, the front teeth.

For whom is this treatment indicated?

Some of the most frequent scenarios are the following: small, rotated, gapped, stained, broken teeth, conical lateral incisors, gummy smile, etc., but also those patients who do not present any apparent problem but want to improve their smile, for example, through teeth whitening or aesthetic treatment with veneers.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

The main objective is to achieve a natural appearance, achieving the mimicry of our restorations in the mouth. All this is done with the aim of obtaining a pleasant, beautiful and harmonious smile, in line with the natural teeth of patients and integrated into their facial aesthetics, always taking nature as a reference.

What is the duration of treatment?

Many of our treatments such as inlays or crowns can be performed in a single session, but more complex cases may require several sessions and even a provisional phase, but these temporaries allow the patient to lead a completely normal life due to their high esthetic and functional level.

Clínica Kranion is at the forefront in the use of new technologies in the treatment of aesthetic dentistry.

These are the technologies we use:

  • Tooth whitening
  • Dental Veneers

In our dental clinic in Alicante we are experts in cosmetic dentistry treatments offering the best results in our patients.

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