Sports dentistry

Treatment of oral diseases associated with sports

Sports Dentistry is a dental discipline that aims to prevent and treat diseases or oral and dental manifestations that affect the general condition of the athlete, the possible impact on their physical performance and quality of life, both in the amateur and professional field.

Athletes with impacted wisdom teeth have been shown to be at four times greater risk of suffering a jaw fracture during competitions.

It is also known that for swimmers who spend a lot of time in the water, chlorine can end up damaging their tooth enamel, as well as the sugary isotonic drinks that some athletes consume so much. 

Likewise, sports-related trauma is one of the most important areas of sports dentistry. Its consequences include soft tissue injuries (lips and tongue), cranio-mandibular fractures and dental fractures or losses.

Most of these injuries can be avoided with the use of a dental protector (sports splint). In general, it can be stated that the standard protectors, adapted by the athlete himself, have little retention and a large volume, which generates greater difficulties for the athlete at the time of use. However, the Individualized Dental Protector, made by the dentist, is less bulky, adapts better to the teeth and achieves a better occlusion-dental relationship, or dental fit between the protector and the dental arch opposite to it, providing better protection against jaw impact.

It has also been confirmed that the use of oral appliances to stabilize the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) improves the interactions between the muscles of the upper body, thus improving athletic performance.

Kranion Clinic is a leader in Sports Dentistry in Alicante, providing all kinds of athletes, children, adolescents and adults, whether professionals or amateurs, who can practice their favorite sporting activity, without putting at risk their oral-dental health.

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