Patient’s rights

The patient is the sole holder of the right to information. In case of incapacity, the patient’s relatives shall be informed. The patient has the right:

To obtain clear and truthful information about the nature of their illness, its effects and the risks and benefits of the recommended diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, in order to be able to decide consciously and freely about them.

To be subjected to diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of proven efficacy, in accordance with the “lex artis” of the time.

To informed consent to surgical interventions or invasive therapies that may pose a relevant risk to their health.

To have their dignity respected and to be treated with respect and kindness.

To professional secrecy, ensuring the confidentiality of the data obtained in your medical records.

To receive a discharge report with personal identification, summary of history, care provided/received, diagnosis and therapeutic recommendations.

In order to safeguard the rights of our patients, Kranion Clinic complies with the current ORGANIC LAW ON PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA (LOPD) by implementing technical and organisational security measures that guarantee the security of personal data recorded in the medical records, in order to provide confidentiality (limiting access to information by unauthorised persons), integrity (maintaining reliable and quality information) and availability (guaranteeing access to the information system upon request by an authorised user) of this information.

Furthermore, Kranion Clinic undertakes not to use the data for any purpose other than that for which they were collected nor to illegitimately transfer them to third parties.

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