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In Kranion Clinic we have been working for more than 30 years with the same objective, to offer health, beauty and wellness to our clients.

We are a reference clinic in the following specialties:

Sleep Apnea: Treatment with Mandibular Advancement Devices

Sleep disorders: bruxism, snoring and sleep apnea.

Odontología estética

Aesthetic Dentistry Dental Prosthetics

Treatment that aims to achieve a perfect smile.

TMJ – Bruxism – Orofacial Pain

Dysfunction of the masticatory apparatus and the craniocervical region.

Dental Implants in Alicante

Tooth root replacement with dental implants .


Corrects dental malpositions and their treatment.


Periodontist in Alicante: Periodontics Treatment

It studies the conditions that occur in the periodontium.

Sports dentistry

Treatment of oral diseases associated with sports

Craniomandibular TMJ Physiotherapy

Treatment of injuries, especially traumatic injuries, by physical means.

Odontología estética

General Dentistry

Tooth root replacement with a dental implant.

Endodontic treatment in Alicante

Root canal treatment of a single tooth

Pediatric Dentistry in Alicante

Preventive and therapeutic oral care of children and adolescents

Oral and maxillofacial surgery in Alicante, Spain

Oral and dental surgical diagnosis and treatment

Cirugía Bucal

Tratamiento de enfermedades que afectan a estructuras de la cavidad oral

Cirugía Ortognática

Corrección de alteraciones dento-craneo-maxilofaciales

Prótesis dental

Restauración dental y rehabilitación oral para mejorar la funcionalidad y estética

Tooth whitening in Alicante

One of the most popular treatments in the practice

Bruxismo: Tratamiento en Alicante

Disfunción del aparato masticatorio y la región craneocervical

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