Snoring: Treatment in Alicante

Snoring is a respiratory noise of intensity greater than 60 dB. that occurs during sleep, due to the vibration of the flexible tissues of the upper airway, usually the area of the palate and the area of the pharynx behind the base of the tongue, although to a lesser extent the nostrils can also contribute to it.

Simple or primary snoring is a very prevalent disorder in the general population, seen in both children and adults, and is not accompanied by significant upper airway obstruction.

A person who snores more than 20% of total sleep or more than 4 nights per week would be classified as a “habitual snorer”.

Habitual snoring should be considered as a sign of partial upper airway obstruction that over time may progressively worsen and be related to other conditions such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS), hypertension, obesity and cardiovascular disease. 

It is recommended to study and treat the habitual snorer if during sleep they present choking or observed breathing stops (apneas), unrefreshing sleep or excessive sleepiness during the day.

Clínica Kranion offers innovative and conservative treatments for snoring through postural therapies, sleep hygiene techniques and the placement of intraoral orthopedic appliances called Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD).

If you want to know if you have “pathological snoring” that may affect your health, fill out the Thorton Questionnaire, answering the number of nights per week that you find most appropriate for each of the following situations.

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